Learning is always a requirement for me. As it allows me to discover methods that work and push them further while discovering what doesn't work and put my best foot forward at solving the problem.
Working solo for projects is something I do often. But, when working with a team of talented people is an amazing way to make something memorable. That said, I enjoy surrounding myself with talented people as it helps me grow and motivate myself to continue making better work. So if you have a team, I'd be delighted to see our work chemistry.  
As a designer seeking real-world design, consumers, trends, competitors and culture is an obvious. By listening, learning and repetition, I work hard to direct my client's brand to amazing places.
I love mixing mediums like many other creatives. From incorporating my photography knowledge and motion based skills, its great discovering ways to execute an idea. 

So lets get into to moving...
After Effects, Photoshop, Gifs, Promos, Explainers, Basic 3D, Video Editing

Visual FXs, Photo-real 3D, Advanced 3D (coming soon)
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